The Essential Checklist for New Travel Companions

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    Have you ever gone on vacation with a friend or family member, only to realize that you are complete opposites? Maybe you enjoy early morning hikes, and they want to sleep in until 11 a.m. Or, you prefer to explore fine dining, while they are looking for the cheapest food they can get from street vendors. If you are contemplating a vacation with individuals you have never gone away with before, this article is for you!

    I remember a personal experience with a close friend many years ago. Although we had vacationed together before, on this particular trip she surprised me and decided it was best to sleep in late in order to save money on food! As a result, I felt a bit constricted. In order to make sure your next trip is enjoyable, here are my suggestions for pre-trip planning to maximize enjoyment and minimize disappointments for everyone involved:

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    Fortunately from the get go my partner and I have been very compatible traveling together. Our goal is always to get up to make the free breakfast. After that, it's whatever.

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