The End of May is here for me

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    And its time to start thinking about what to do for my VR spend for the rest of time until it gets shut down at CVS.

    I am in BOS, so as far as I know the only place to pick up the 'nilla is there. I have to try cumbie and be sure but the word on the street is they are strict cash only. If anyone else has hints I am open to them.

    Getting to a WalMart is actually a big pain in the butt. 30-45min drive though with traffic it could be 2 hours.

    So, I figure we can all talk about our plans now that we have lost our HHonor.

    Cards that I have to choose from:

    Gold Premer Rewards
    HHonors Surpass
    Starwood Business

    Ink Bold
    UA Select (2xGas/Groceries/Restaurants/Home Improvement grandfathered in)
    Priority Club Select

    Nothing Worth mentioning (AA Platinum, No Fee HHonors Card, Thow Away TY Card)

    Capital One Venture.

    The Only options I can come up with are

    1. Direct Purchase with Starwood.
    Upside: Everyone Loves Starwood. Could make gold status
    Downside: Still a 1x

    2. Double the Miles Double the Fees
    Purchases from a Grocery Store on $500 gift cards with UA Select / Amex Gold
    Purchase Reloads with Gift Cards at CVS

    Upside: Earns double the rate (ie 20k UA miles per month) Hit Amex 15k bonus
    Downside: Paying nearly $0.01 per point $200 in fees vs $80 For direct purchase.

    3. Direct Purchase on Capital One.
    Upside: Makes Cash Money. $120 Profit per month assuming the points are used for travel
    Can use to pay off things I do in Iceland next weekend over the next few months ;)
    Downside: Having 20,000 Capital 1 Miles much less useful on the upper side than anyone else's

    I am thinking a mixture. IF nothing else changes, do something like 5k on Amex 5k Starwood and hit the 15k Amex Bonus and the SPG Gold for 2014/2015 if I turn the corner in December ;)

    Am I missing any good angles, or is there a an app strategy I should go for? 90 days is up 5th of June so thats another possibility.

    What is your situation looking like? Where's your Drugstore spending going next?
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    HHonors will end in two weeks for me.

    I have the UA Club Visa, which gives me 1.5 miles. But I am planning to cancel that card, as it doesn't overall offer enough value for the annual fee. The fee should come on this month's statement.

    I have the Club Carlson VISA, which gives me 5x, but the points aren't worth all that much, and I already have 500,000+ across two accounts, so not worth the hassle of going out of my way to go to CVS or heaven forbid Walmart (30 mile drive RT).

    So I think I'll occasionally when I am at/near CVS anyway buy a VR with my Sapphire Preferred card or SPG Amex. Or when there is a special earnings promo (right now 3x on AA VISA, but limited ... and the $750/month for 15,000 US miles from Barclay's). I am definitely not going to get a new card for VR earnings.
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    I have not done the specific math because I am trying to get MR and/or SPG points to transfer to KrisFlyer miles, but another option might be buying gift cards with ink bold at some office store for the 5x and the use those to buy VR beans.
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    Can someone confirm how much Vanilla I can purchase in one day? Is it $1000 or can I do $2000 a day?
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    YMMV but it is 1,000 for me.
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    You can buy as much as you want, assuming you have enough credit cards and CVS stores around.


    Most CVS stores apparently have a limit of $1000 per day. (I generally buy $500)
    The Bluebird account has a daly funding limit of $1000 via VR.

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