The Disaster of Mergers Laid Bare Once Again: Armageddon in Atlanta-Media utterly misses story

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by ahappyelite, Dec 18, 2017.

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    As United would say, hubs are great for you. As tens of thousands of victims are finding out right now in ATL, hubs are all about the cartel maximizing profit- inconveniencing you does not even merit a single thought. Before corrupt and unnecessary air mergers, more traffic was diffused to more places, there were more airline choices, there were more empty seats and thus, more slack. Also, airlines competed with each other and did sweat it when things went awry. The virus of air mergers has created an environment where the cartel does not care because the cartel need not. Thousands of people just had their lives disrupted, an untold number in a life changing way. When there was genuine competition, not present day wholesale collusion, airlines had many planes that were half full or less, which is supposed to happen in a competitive environment. Now, the Five Families of Airlines carves out the nation, parcelling out hubs and strangling the lives out of non hub airports which are used only as feeders to forcé the choiceless through absurdly overcrowded hubs all at the same time. Interesting to see the media deliberately missing the story as usual, focusing on the electrical problems instead of the sorry, stinking way the nation´s airways came to be owned by Super Rich Speculators and Institutional investors.

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