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    According to the Global/Harrison Group 2013 Portrait of Digital Travelers, newly-released by MMGY, the use of both smartphones and tablets has increased so rapidly since 2011 that it has spawned a new class of travelers - the “Digital Elite.” These individuals own and use at least a smartphone and tablet to plan and purchase travel services, and the segment has grown from 5% of all active travelers in 2011 to 33% today, an increase of over 600%.
    The Digital Elite are travelers who either own or access the Internet on both a smartphone and tablet. Smartphone usage among active travelers has nearly tripled in just two years, to 62% in 2013. Tablet adoption has been even more rapid, up six-fold to 43% this year.
    50% of the Digital Elite have children in their household, compared with just 37% of less-connected travelers, revealing a discernible family focus, says the report. They are also much more likely to have traveled with their kids (51 compared to 38%,) and their kids have greater influence. For example, the “Digital Elite” are significantly more likely to agree that their children influence the actual selection of vacation destinations (78 vs. 70%).

    Steve Cohen, vice president of insights at MMGY Global, “… this new group… represents the ‘next generation’ of travelers… the Digital Elite… travel and spend significantly more than other travelers… (and) plan to spend even more in the year ahead…”

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    The word Elite is defined as a small group of people with the highest status, wealth, or privilege. 62% is NOT a small group! Appropriate terms for such a demographic would be herd, mob, plebs, etc...
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    I wonder who paid for the PR

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