"The December Sale" (belated Cyber Monday)

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    Received an email today, Wednesday, from Hilton, promoting a "Cyber Monday" sale, though the sale shows up on the booking site as "The December Sale" and allows you to book up to Jan. 1 and stay by Jan. 8.


    The upside is that it promotes discounts up to 33% AND ALSO GIVES YOU 1,000 HH bonus points for a two-night stay or longer. The downside is that it requires advanced purchase, nonrefundable. Another downside is that when I priced it on our own Christmas week plans (I had already reserved, no-adv-purchase at $207 a night AAA rate), it took it down "only" $13 / night to $194 with the nonrefundable "gotcha" (far less than 33% for the hotel and room we want).

    I'm not sure it's worth it for the $13 a night savings and the 1,000-point bonus, so am thinking about it. But I post the link here for those of you that might have better luck on a particular Hilton that may fall into y'all's plans.
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    IMHO, the promo is not worth the peace of mind that comes with booking @ the best available rate (BAR), as opposed to locking myself in with advanced purchase (AP), which I vowed to always shun, no matter how sweet the deal, after I'd once experienced first-hand its main drawback (inflexibility) ...
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    Sale didn't seem that great for full prepay vs some refundable fares.

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