The Best US Airports To Kill Time In

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    No matter how well traveled one might be, how far in advance they plan or how frequently they fly, it's inevitable; sooner or later air travelers will have time to kill in airports around the United States. Airport officials and planners know that. They know that the amount of time travelers spend in terminals is increasing and are making changes to accommodate them. But some airports are getting ahead of the game more than others, as indicated by a recent survey.

    "Major airports have transformed considerably in the last decade to accommodate the shift in the amount of time travelers spend there. More amenities have been added to appeal to travelers – and in many cases, to occupy their time – while they wait for their flights," said Barry Liben, CEO of Travel Leaders Group, a large North American travel company, in a press release.
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    two best for connections both in the southeast :)

    and 80% of what's serviced out of CHA
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    I don't know about amenities, as all the airports listed have
    at least one club I have access to. Families either, as I haven't
    traveled with a nonadult family member since about 1980.

    But as I appear to be in the business of naysaying, let me
    horse around with the dining list.

    1 Atlanta
    One Flew South, which I seem to be becoming a tout for;
    otherwise, pfft.
    2 Minneapolis/St. Paul
    Was unimpressed.
    3 Chicago O'Hare
    I don't care for Tortas de la Frontera, but Vienna Beef is ok.
    Wolfgang Puck I've actually had a decent meal at, but [shrug].
    4 Dallas/Ft. Worth
    Prefer IAH, though at Dickey's last week I asked for fatty
    brisket and they actually gave me fatty brisket.
    5 San Francisco
    Prefer this to all the above: good variety, often decent
    quality, both inside the United secure area and outside
    in the international terminal.
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    Agreed - gimme a Boudin bread bowl and I'm good to go :)

    JFK on a list of best for connections??? hahahahaha

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