The Best Pizza in Vancouver

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  1. There has never been a shortage of pizza in Vancouver, but there has been a shortage of really good pizza, until now. We’re seeing restaurants pop up all over town that are offering traditional Roman style and Napolese pizzas that are highly addictive and have quickly created a pizza-cult following; consider this your warning.
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    Nicli Antica’s pizzas hold a very special place in my heart, and after one visit, I’m sure you also will hold it near and dear. Nicli’s pizzas are a triple threat; the crust, sauce and toppings are the closest thing to perfection, in my opinion. I’m a sucker for a thin, light and slightly chewy crust, minimal toppings and an unadulterated San Marzano tomato sauce. The wood burning oven they use has been flown in from Naples and is made of stone from Mt. Vesuvius. The oven gets up to 900 degrees and cooks the pizzas in 90 seconds and the result is a beautiful creation that will leave a lasting impression on your palate. My favourite is the Funghi with the addition of fresh arugula ($14 + $2), while my cheese adoring friends love the Quattro Formaggi ($19). They currently do not take reservations and there can often be an hour line up on weekends, so if you’re not in the mood to wait, go during off peak hours. Also, the rosemary and chili oil they put on your table are not to be passed up!
    The Bibo is another favourite spot for those looking for true Italian pizza. Their wood burning oven fires out delicious masterpieces with toppings like pancetta, gorgonzola, porcini mushrooms, spicy salami, eggplant and beef bresaola. Beef bresaola just so happens to be my go-to charcuterie and it’s also fantastic on a pizza. While Nicli specializes in mainly pizzas (they have a few salads and desserts on their menu), The Bibo offers an array of homemade pastas, antipastos and desserts for those that may not be on the pizza train. Located on Kitsilano’s 4th Ave, the beach is a short distance away, which is the perfect way to walk off those very tasty calories. Or, you can just sit on a log and blissfully enjoy your food coma as the sun sets across English Bay.
    An unlikely place to find good pizza is at a sports bar, but Red Card Sports Bar + Eatery has something that the competition doesn’t. Sure other sports bars also have plenty of seating, televisions for every angle and enough cold beer to quench a football team’s thirst, but what they don’t have is a chic atmosphere and some of the best pizza in Vancouver. Like Nicli, Red Card also uses Caputo tipo “00″ flour and the ever-flavourful San Marzano tomatoes, which are so important when it comes to making pizza an Italian mamma would be proud to call her own. Their pizzas have your traditional toppings, along with a few other wild cards like the Prosciutto pizza ($16) that’s topped with Mission figs, black pepper honey, mozzarella thinly shaved prosciutto and fresh arugula. I bet you never thought about putting black pepper honey on your pizza, did you? Red Card is slightly less expensive than Nicli and The Bibo, which definitely scores a few more points for your wallet.
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    Now, I know we all sometimes just want to stay in and lift a finger only to call in a pizza order and if you’re looking for delivery in Vancouver, The Firewood Cafe may be your best bet. It definitely beats your generic, pre-made crusts and sub-par toppings from your standard pizza chain delivery service. There are also times when you have to pick something up on your way to a friends and if pizza is on that list, grab a Rocky Mountain Flatbread from the grocery freezer section. They are unlike any other frozen pizza that will pass your lips and are made from local and organic ingredients. A frozen pizza will never taste the same after you’ve tried theirs. For a freshly baked pizza, Rocky Mountain Flatbread also has three restaurants around Vancouver and they are definitely a top contender for the best pizza in Vancouver.

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