The best -- and worst -- seats for economy fliers

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    Which U.S. airlines have the roomiest, leg-stretching seats on domestic flights for no extra fee and which carriers' seats are so cramped that they could be advertisements for deep vein thrombosis?

    If you are among the millions of airline passengers who wait at the gate when more frequent fliers board early to snatch their seat upgrades or premium seats purchased for an additional fee, then here’s some advice for landing a roomy seat without having to shell out extra money: Fly JetBlue or Virgin America.
    On the other hand, you should definitely avoid Cape Air, Spirit, and Allegiant if don’t want to feel crammed in .

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    I've only flown it once from LAX to LAS, but the bigger front seats in Spirit were quite comfortable. I don't think I would ever fly them for a long distance as I don't wish to pay for water, but for the short flight they weren't as bad as I have heard.

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