The Art And Science Of Designing Luggage: Q&A With Tumi's Creative Director

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    George Esquivel is the man who makes sure form follows function at Tumi, Inc., the New Jersey-based luggage manufacturer. The trick for him, as a designer, is to create products that are both up-to-date and functional over the long term.

    Give me a little background as a designer, please. What led you into the field, why did you want to pursue design?

    Trying to find my identity in my late teens early 20’s, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the clothing or shoes that I could afford. So I would visit vintage and thrift stores and purchase what I thought had potential or could be altered to my taste. Then I would have my mom rework my clothes and I would stain/rework the shoes in darker colors. This was better than the off the shelf products but it still wasn’t what I wanted.

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    I love all my Tumi 'stuff'. Everyone makes fun of my excessive 'collection'.
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    It's hard to beat Tumi's quality. IMHV, only Hartmann runs a near 2nd, with a lifetime warranty (and also an internal unique bag identification #). My Tumi large duffle has accompanied me for years around the world, and like those old Timex commercials, it "takes a licking and keeps on ticking"! The only substantial damage I've had with it is that the small pulls have been ripped off (likely by overzealous TSA agents. I found some temporary pulls to use, and then sent it back to Tumi to have them replaced. They did so, and reconditioned my bag to the point that it looks relatively new again, and all for no charge!
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    I have been debating with myself to buy Tumi or B&R. On FT they are talking about that Tumi warranty is no good, And B&R is great. Of course they are both marketing ploys IMHO. People are talking about that after the first year with Tumi they will not fix their bag. You say a different story. I just have a time getting through all the hype.
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