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    My 3rd or 4th? stay. Other stays were when they were doing construction, etc. The basics - EXCELLENT NATURE, including free guided nature walks morning and evening. Good to excellent rooms, superior service and staff and wonderful nature to observe.
    This time I got my favorite upgrade EVER (just a plus) of any hotel VBG - lovely pool suite with a great view and I could hear the waves at night!
    So - morning breakfast MUCH improved since my last visit. Still a lot of variety, but the quality is vastly improved! Comp sparkling juice and Prosecco.
    The construction quality of the room I was in was also an improvement over my last stay (maybe because it was a new room - don't know if the other rooms were renovated, but the basic construction of the older rooms wasn't great)
    The resort had LOTS of children (school holiday and Golden week), but except for trying to find the right time to do laps unobstructed this really wasn't an issue b/c there were plenty of lounges, etc. There also seemed to be a lot of activities available for children offered by the resort [​IMG]
    The staff is mostly seasoned and excellent and it shows (the St Regis might want to hire their training people!). Besides being accommodating the staff seems genuinely interested and excited about the wild life all around and is happy to answer questions (to the best of their ability) even when they are towel or waiter people.
    The GM was very nice and seems to manage his staff well judging from what I see as a customer (usually good management causes staff to be happy and responsive to customers and good at their job if they are well trained) and generous (made a special arrangement for me that I had not asked for but much appreciated)

    Don't miss the tour of the ocean lab where "Dr Gerry" resides. A number of small tanks, etc. with some surprises even for experienced scuba people in terms of interesting facts/specimens. Again - proud, friendly and enthusiastic staff.
    The coral nursery is also worth a few minutes - it's where the bridge used to be to the Datai.

    For those that asked - there aren't local eatery's nearby (but you can eat at the Datai), but the hotel offers a shuttle to Kuah and Cenang beach ?every day so if you want to take that and eat while you're there - but for dinner you'd need a taxi or car.
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