The 5 Best Budget Portable Hard Drives

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    Traveling with large amounts of data is something that recent advancements in technology may have hindered instead of helped. Solid state drives are fast, but they can’t store much, and many people who own an ultrabook or MacBook run out of space. That means a portable hard drive is necessary to carry what’s left over.

    Thankfully, portable hard drives are as inexpensive as they’ve ever been, and can now pack a terabyte of data (or more) into a box as thin as a smartphone and barely larger than a credit card. Here are the five top options for travelers who need to store data on a tight budget.

    Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1TB ($70)
    Western Digital’s My Passport Ultra 1TB is currently the best-selling external hard drive on, and a glance at its features make the reason for its popularity clear. Though it offers one terabyte of storage, the drive is barely more than 15 millimeters thick and 110 millimeters wide, making it very easy to carry. USB 3.0 and 2.0 are supported and the 5,400 RPM drive offers reasonable, if not outstanding, transfer speeds.

    And that’s not all. Western Digital sweetens the deal with automatic backup software that is compatible with cloud services like Dropbox, optional hard drive encryption, and handy storage pouch that can keep the drive free of dust and scratches. The wide range of features would seem to indicate a premium price, but in fact the WD My Passport Ultra 1TB is only $70.
    This is really the best overall value available right now. There are less expensive drives, and smaller ones, but the Ultra’s combination of price, features and portability hits the sweet spot.

    Samsung P3 500GB ($50)
    As nice as the My Passport Ultra is, the drive’s features and capacity do raise the price, and not everyone needs what the Ultra offers. Shoppers who’d prefer a barebones drive might instead like the Samsung P3 500GB, which sells for just $50.

    For your money, you receive a hard drive that is USB 3.0/2.0 compatible, has a 5,400 RPM Spindle speed, and is just 15 millimeters thick. The casing looks a bit cheap, and the only software feature is SafetyKey, which apparently is used to create encrypted, password-protected backups. The lack of flair or features won’t matter to buyers who just want function, however, and the P3′s price is hard to beat

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    Interesting post.. but.. if space is the priority do not forget WD Elements Portable 2TB or WD My Passport Ultra 2TB, it costs a little more, but have double space :)

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