Thanks, Starwood, for the concert tickets

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    Dear Lurker and SPG:
    The concert ticket promo was a great idea, and lest the negative feedback have gotten you down, I just wanted to share our experience:
    Our son just moved to San Francisco to begin his professional life. Listening to music is a huge part of his leisure, so both my husband and I gave him our codes. He booked two concerts sight-unseen, before he had gotten to California. I asked him about the one he'd seen last week, at the Fillmore, and received this reply:
    It was great! I bought xxxxx a ticket on a whim and it turned out it was her first concert. Dar Williams was really cool -- she introduced each of her songs by explaining how she came to write it and what it was about, and it actually made it a lot more enjoyable to listen to them having some idea what was going on. One in particular was in response to this guy who kept hitting on other women while telling his girlfriend that she "wasn't beautiful in the conventional sense" (reminded me of that guy Auntie xxxxx dated)
    And then Joan Osborne was nothing like I expected -- much more soul / scat than in that one song everybody knows -- with an absolutely amazing voice. They finished with a duet version of "Comfortably Numb", which Dar said she saw Pink Floyd perform on that same stage at the Fillmore. It was really a magical experience, especially being there with xxxxx. Thanks for sending me the coupon, without which I never would have even thought to check out the Fillmore.
    So thank you, Starwood, for making this experience possible for my son and his friend. Thanks for allowing me to give him the experience.
    Anyone else see any performances they really enjoyed?
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    I've enjoyed the free art museum admission offered by LM hotels.
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    i should be using mine in charlotte next month. not sure which event, but fortunately i will be able to put it to some use.

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