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    Strictly speaking, this should be in the forum which handles Czech Airlines, but while it occurred on one of their flights, I have a feeling that FAs on many other airlines would have reacted the same way.

    While it wasn't my goal to get any special treatment, it shows how a little consideration can pay off.

    Some background: On 9/11 my son was flying TLV-PRG-JFK. He was 22 and while he had made one unaccompanied flight to the States, he never had to connect in Europe or spend any time there.

    When the news broke that the WTC had been attacked, I naturally did a quick mental calculation to see if there was any possibility that his plane had been one of those which was hijacked. I realized that given his schedule, he probably was just past the UK at the time. Of course, I was very relieved but then started to be concerned about how he would get through the change in plans which obviously would be necessary.

    As the day went on, I heard that all flights to the States had been aborted and the planes diverted elsewhere. Moreover, the news reported that some airlines were helping passengers find lodging, others were not even doing that, and none were paying for hotel rooms.

    As it turned out, that was not true of CSA. In order to avoid any panic, the captain announced that the weather all along the East Coast was so bad that no planes could land there and they would have to return to PRG.

    Upon arrival, the passengers were given a printed page explaining what really happened and were informed that Czech Air would pay for hotel rooms for them all and keep them notified about when they could resume their itineraries (which turned out to be several days later).

    I very much appreciated how they handled this, and said so in several articles I wrote about that day. I also, of course, sent a letter to CSA thanking it for how it handled the situation. However, I promised myself that some day I would thank the airline in person.

    I did not get the opportunity -- as I never had a CSA flight -- until today. I bought two big boxes of chocolates in the TLV Duty Free shop, and when I boarded I asked if the lead FA could come to my seat.

    She did, I told her the story, and asked her to give one of the boxes to the cockpit crew and to split the second box among the other FAs. They, I told her, were going to be the proxies for those who helped out my son.

    "Are you trying to make me cry?" she asked in all seriousness. She was that overwhelmed by this very tiny gesture.

    Throughout the flight, the FAs gave me very special service. Although I was sitting in Economy, they offered me a pre-flight drink (I settled for a Diet Coke). They came to me several times to ask if there was anything I might want. The lead FA brought me a FC amenity kit. Shortly before landing, she came to thank me again for the chocolates and gave me a full package (154 grams) of chocolate-covered Lotus biscuits -- better known to Delta regulars as "Biscoffs".

    I expected none of this, but perhaps I should have. Mr DYKWIA will get the contempt he deserves and those travelers who show some consideration for employees of airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc will also find themselves being repaid in kind.
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    Wow - thanks for sharing and glad the CSA folks took care of you! :)
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    Such a lovely story, Dovster!

    The compassion that CSA showed for the passengers during 9/11... priceless...

    Stories like these really tells me this world truly is a magical place, and it all starts from us...

    Thanks again, Dovster. :)
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    This is our Dovster,

    Under the michelle pfeiffer boyfriend cover[;)], there is a sweet, good, caring, teddy bear dad... :)

    Thank you Dovster, and debriden in Prague
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