Thai Airways A380 First Class, Bangkok to Paris

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    This flight was part of my trip to Turkey and China. My index including trip reports for Air Canada, Asiana, Thai Airways and Turkish Airlines, and lounge and hotel reviews can be found here.

    Flight: TG 930
    Aircraft: Airbus A380
    Bangkok (BKK) to Paris (CDG)
    Depart: 12:10 AM on Thursday (12:42 AM actual)
    Arrive: 6:50 AM on Thursday (6:30 AM actual)
    Duration: 12hr 40mn
    Seat: 3K First Class

    The Royal Orchid Spa and Royal First Lounge were amazing and I really didn't want to leave. Lucky for me, my connection flight to Paris was slightly delayed and I was able to relax a bit more with another drink. About 40 minutes prior to departure time, our escort rounded up the first class passengers and gave us another long buggy ride through the airport to our awaiting plane.


    As we arrived at the gate, boarding was well under way with business and economy class passengers about halfway boarded. Our escort directed us to the first class boarding lane and wished us a good flight.

    Upon entering the massive aircraft, I found the first class cabin to be bright and airy. The colors were clean, classy and made the cabin feel very warm and inviting. The first class cabin was located on the upper deck of the A380 and was configured with three rows of four seats, in a 1 x 2 x 1 layout. There were a total of 12 seats and eight of the seats were taken on this flight.

    The single window seats were perfect for solo travelers and the middle seats were great for couples traveling together. The seats were not fully enclosed but were slightly staggered from the other seats. Even though there was no door, I still found the seats to offer a great amount of privacy from the other passengers. The middle seats had wide armrests and a full-length divider that could be raised to separate the two passengers.



    I made my way to seat 3K on the right side of the plane. Waiting at my seat were slippers, Thai branded noise cancelling headphones, two pillows and a Rimowa amenity kit. I stored my carry on in the overhead bin and sat down to explore the seat. I was absolutely amazed by how much storage space there was. Each window seat had three deep bins along the windows (wide enough for a laptop bag), three smaller pockets by the seat, a storage closet for your clothes and an entire overhead bin to store all of your belongings. The middle seats did not have the three large storage bins by the seats.

    The seats were a whopping 26.5 inches wide and offered 82 inches of pitch. The seat reclined to a full 180 degrees and truly felt as big as a twin size bed. Each seat was equipped with three reading lamps, a universal power outlet and two USB ports. WiFi was available on this flight but it was super expensive. Rates were $4.50 for 3 MB of data or $14.50 for 10 MB of data.

    After I was done taking pictures, the flight attendant came by to introduce herself and offered me a hot towel, glass of 2003 Dom Perignon, pajamas and the menu. Interesting though, there was no nut service.

    I geek out over amenity kits and was so happy to finally get my hands on a Rimowa branded one! The kit was sleek, beautiful and was packed full of stuff. There were L'Occitane products, eye shades, ear plugs, socks, comb, mouthwash and dental kit.

    Once we were airborne and the seatbelt signs were turned off, I went to the lavatory to change into my pajamas. The pajamas were lightweight, comfortable and actually didn't look bad. There were three lavatories for first class passengers. There was the huge one in the forward part of the cabin and two smaller ones to the rear. The forward lavatory really was impressive with plenty of room. There was a separate vanity/seating area from the toilet area and made changing in and out of the pajamas much easier.

    Next to the forward lavatory were the stairs to the lower deck, magazine/newspaper rack and the first class lounge area. In theory, this lounge area sounded like a great idea but it appeared to be a great waste of space. I'm sure it was meant for people to walk around and socialize but on my flight, the passengers (that knew each other) just gathered around each other's seats. I don't think I ever saw anyone hanging out in the lounge area.

    I made my way back to my seat and the flight attendant came by to set my table and offer another glass of Dom. Dinner started with caviar service which was served from a cart and plated at my seat. The caviar was definitely tasty but not as beautifully presented (or plentiful) as other airlines such as Asiana or Cathay Pacific.

    The caviar service was followed by a salmon roe appetizer and the main course. I chose the traditional Thai dish (prawns with sweet chili sauce, hom mali rice, and loofah with eggs and dried shrimp). Soup and salad were not served and the dinner service felt a little on the "light" side. I'm assuming this was because it was such a late flight and most people ate in the Royal First lounge already.

    After the main course, our plates were cleared and the flight attendants came by with the fruit, cheese and dessert cart. I passed on the cheese, had some fruit and a trio of pate a choux dessert.

    Overall, the food was pretty good. I just wished there was more of it.

    After my table was cleared, the flight attendant asked if I wanted my bed made. I wasn't sleepy yet but agreed because I wanted to watch TV in bed. The turn down service included a mattress pad, duvet and a pillow. Needless to say, the bed was extremely comfortable and I actually slept for a solid six hours. I actually slept longer than I wanted to and didn't get to enjoy a mid-flight snack. By the time I woke up, it was almost breakfast time.


    The in-flight entertainment system was fantastic. The monitor was gigantic. It was clear, crisp and there was a large selection of on-demand movies, TV shows, music and games as well as a moving map and a tail camera.

    About an hour and a half outside of Paris, the cabin mood lighting was turned on and the flight attendants came by to set our tables and prepare our breakfast service.

    Breakfast started with a fruit plate, yogurt, smoothie and cereal. For the main course, I chose the frittata with sausage, potatoes and spinach plate. Breakfast actually wasn't that tasty but I ate every bit of it because I was starving.

    After breakfast, the flight attendants came by to thank us for flying with Thai Airways and wished us a safe onward journey. They also presented us with a set of Thai Airways A380 playing cards as a parting gift.

    Approach into Paris
    My final thoughts:

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my flight on Thai Airways and I would definitely fly them again. Even though the seats were not fully enclosed suites, I still found them to be spacious and private. The seats were extremely comfortable and an absolute joy to sleep in. The IFE was great and there was a decent selection of entertainment to keep you occupied for 10+ hours.

    The flight attendants were friendly and the service was great. They weren't as polished as other "5 star" airline flight attendants but everything was said with a smile and I couldn't have asked for anything more. They anticipated our needs and proactively took care of us. It's always nice when I don't have to ask for anything and I appreciated that. The food wasn't the most plentiful or beautifully presented but it was tasty.

    However, whatever Thai lacked in the air, they certainly made up for it with their ground services in Bangkok. All first class passengers were picked up at the plane and escorted by buggy service to the Royal First Lounge where we enjoyed restaurant quality food and relaxing spa services. If you are booked on this flight, I highly recommend you eating in the lounge. The food was ten times better than onboard.

    The A380 is a fantastic plane and I think Thai Airways has done a great job with the configuration and layout. However, keep in mind that Thai Airways is notorious for equipment changes. They swap out more planes on more flights than any other airline I know. So if you are booking this trip specifically to fly the A380, just know that it's not guaranteed. I guess that applies for all airlines but more so on Thai Airways.

    Case in point. As I'm writing this, I'm actually kicking myself because I should have known better. Back in February, I booked another flight on the Thai Airways A380 (Tokyo Narita to Bangkok, business class) for this coming August as part of a longer trip. I just checked my itinerary to verify the equipment and saw it got changed to a Boeing 787. Granted it's a new plane and I'll be able to blog about a new delivery for Thai Airways. But honestly, I'm not holding my breath. It'll probably be changed again before I actually board.

    My original post with additional pictures can be found here and for those of you that enjoy a lot of pictures, I created a photo slideshow with even more pictures for you here.
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    Great report. Thanks
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