Terminal E is Getting Crowded (Plus Other Gate Shuffles)

Discussion in 'BOS/MHT/PVD | Boston Area Airports' started by Sean Colahan, Jun 3, 2015.

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    I love all the international service that has started or will start over the next year. I haven't been behind security in Terminal E in a while but I know they are having to pull planes to park them between arrivals and departures (especially the flights to the ME). I know they are renovating and expanding the terminal, but MassPort must be having a fun time playing gate shuffle.

    Also, with WN moving to Terminal A, are they taking over the old CO 737 gates? I assume Alaska is using the 3 mini gate concourse in Terminal A and JetBlue is taking over more of the old Southwest gates but as I have said...haven't been Airside at Logan in a while.

    Anyone want to satisfy my curiosity?
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