Teenagers - At What Age Do They Actually Learn to Converse?

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    Help me out here. We have no children so we are trying to get to know our nieces and nephews to determine who might be lucky enough to inherit our worldly goods when we pop our clogs. This is a bit more complex as we live in the US and they all live in Oz.

    We have written off the eldest two, known to us as Bevis as Butthead. Don't think they could make a triple digit IQ between the pair of them and even though they are in their late 20s they still seem rather work shy.

    The next in line is our 12 yo niece. We decided to take her on vacation with us. Keep in mind this is a Motel 6 type kid, never really been anywhere or done anything. First thing she was excited about was going shopping. Don't think she was at all impressed when I told her the first thing she needed to do was research what we would be doing at our destination, planning on some kind of itinerary and working out how much entry fees etc. would be.

    Our first stop was a Crowne Plaza. Not overly impressed, said the bed was not comfortable enough, pillows were not soft enough blah blah blah. Mind you, every time I checked her in the room she was pushing out the z's no problem. However, obviously the toiletries were good enough as like a magpie attracted to shiny things she scooped everything she could into her bag.

    Then it was onto the Park Hyatt. Took her for dinner and the main complaint was about what a rip off the prices were. I pointed out to her that we were paying for atmosphere and service as unlike the places she frequents with her parents, the place did not have the stench of urine nor were we surrounded by yobs dropping the f-bomb every second word. Breakfast was completed by her removing all the small condiment jars and hiding those in her sweater so she could take them home.

    Onto the Westin first thing she did on checking in was case the bathroom to work out what she could take home. Never mind the view of Sydney from the 21st floor, it was how many bars of soap are there.

    Overall it was an interesting experience, however any questions asked were responded to with one word answers usually either good, weird or different. Please tell me it gets easier. We ended up telling her that we required any response to consist of 4 words or more.
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    I've gone through similar with all the various nieces and nephews and their does not appear to be any particular age in the conversation, I've noticed strongly it reflects back to the parenting—which is not difficult but nonetheless sort of painful to attach as I am looking at my own brothers and sisters. As such, the attempt has always been to treat equal and yet some have earned more equal access to us than others, the key word as in life ... earned. I totally can appreciate what you have posted here (is there an echo in milepoint?(!))

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