Teenager takes over controls of plane after pilot collapses during flight over rural Australia

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    A teenager was forced to take over the controls of a plane for more than half an hour on Saturday afternoon when the pilot passed out during a flight over rural Australia.

    Troy Jenkins, 19, had to fly the plane around in circles for 45 minutes at a small airport in Forbes, New South Wales, because he didn’t know how to land the single-engine Cessna 150 on his own.

    The pilot, 61-year-old family friend Derek Neville, lost consciousness just 10 minutes into the recreational flight. Mr Jenkins said he had taken over the controls in the past while flying with Mr Neville, but that he had only landed the plane once before – and that was under the older man’s direct supervision.

    “Keeping it up wasn't a problem, it was the landing part I wasn't sure of,” Mr Jenkins told The Associated Press. “I was pretty scared.”

    “I thought I had to save myself and him. It was quite an experience,” he said.

    The teenager was able to keep the plane at a steady altitude of 2,000 feet (610 metres), before Mr Neville finally came to.
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    He was lucky he came to, unless he had a long runway. 40 degrees of flaps would be hard to do on the first cross wind landing even on Sod.

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