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    Figured I would post this here as I couldn't find it anywhere else and it is extremely useful for anyone going to Cozumel

    The "shuttles" and rental cars directly past customs are an absolute ripoff, and the rental cars require a trip to Playa del Carmen to see what seems to be a timeshare pitch.
    Though there are no taxis allowed to pick up on airport property if you go to the Main Street just off the airport there are true taxis. These are safe and cheap. Turn right and follow the road to the circle and continue straight and you'll pass a street food vendor, this is the place to try to hail a cab. Within 5 minutes you'll have one and with a little haggling (there are no meters) you'll have a price. It should be under $20 for the entire vehicle anywhere on the island. Significantly less than you'd pay with the shuttle service on airport property.
    This really pays off if you have a larger group as most of the taxis are large Ford Econoline vans.

    Hope this helps out someone as it was quite annoying for us dealing with the scammers at the airport.
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