TAP "offers" upgrades via online auctions

Discussion in 'Other Airlines | Europe' started by GBM, Mar 21, 2011.

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    TP is innovating in the additional revenue stream by proposing to Eco pax's a bid for an upgrade.
    Press release here
    - It's only valid for pax booked on tap|plus or tap|classic (typically Y;B;M;H;Q fare codes)

    My questions on this at this time:
    - If not booked via flytap.com but somewhere else does the offer still stand
    - If upgraded will the miles be Eco or Biz?

    By comparion a member of TP Victoria can do this upgrade with 5'000 miles.

    It's somewhat in the direction of Swiss Business upgrades in Europe, but with booking restrictions (not all fares are valid as with LX; and it's not a fixed amount like LX)


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