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  1. Why TAM Mileage Program (TAM Fidelidade) insist not to consider my flight points in my card, if it's informed at least 3 times to te company (booking, check in and printed in my boarding card)?
    Why this error happens so often?
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    I have had the same problem for some time. In the end I quit Fidelidade (I was Vermelho) and credit my JJ flights to a US Airways account. Strangely I have had no problems with crediting since then, and I still can redeem for domestic flights. Further US Airways points do not expire as long as you remain active, just like most other *A programs. I do not miss Fidelidade at all.
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    I am also exiting Fidelidade for Lufthansa Miles and More fo same reasons as JBCarioca In the interim make sure that thel TAM fidelidade number IS ON THE piece of paper that looks like a til receipt but is actually a boarding pass If it is not, dont leave the counter. Do not accept assurances that it will be on later. When flying other *A keep boarding passes and only send them photocopies

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