Take America Back – Boycott Hyatt!

Discussion in 'Blogstand' started by BoardingArea, Jul 7, 2014.

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    Ok, put on your tin foil hats. You are going to need them because the pieces of the puzzle to destroy the American way of life are all coming together.

    And they all point to Hyatt!

    Hyatt has a relatively well regarded frequent guest program and some terrific properties, but it’s looking more and more like that might all be a front designed to distract us from their true goal – a permanent socialist government right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

    I mean, just take a look at the evidence:

    • Hyatt headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago! As in Chicago politics. As in home of Obama!
    • Based on an article mlshanks discovered and posted about on FlyerTalk, Hyatt appears to be blocking access to conservative websites.
    • Hyatt owns and operates a hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece – just a short boat ride across the Mediterranean Sea from BENGHAZI!

    C’mon, how much more evidence do you need? Do I have to connect the dots on a chalkboard?

    Remarkably, despite this avalanche of FACTS that leave NO DOUBT as to Hyatt’s culpability in an obvious PLOT to TRANSFORM America, some of the posters in the thread are still not convinced:

    Can we please move beyond paranoia? … Never have had any access problems during hundreds of stays. ~JIMCHI

    I have spent a good bit of time complaining to Hyatt about showing Faux News in the lounge. I never considered it to be part of the “massive right wing conspiracy” however. ~BobR

    The entire thing is absurd. ~LIH Prem

    Try not to fault JIMCHI, BobR and LIH Prem too much for their lack of understanding of the true situation. They are clearly low information voters who have been brainwashed by the drive-by media – which is probably also controlled in large part by Hyatt (we’re still putting together the pieces on that one).

    Read the thread in its entirety for yourself, and form your own opinion as to when the Hyatt boycott should begin: Is Hyatt Blocking Conservitive Websites?

    Image: “Hyatt :(” by Jean Paul Holmes. CC BY 2.0.

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