Take a look at the new Tampa International Airport

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    Take a glimpse at the future of Tampa International Airport:

    When renovations of the main terminal are finished by 2017, it will be a sleeker, brighter, more modern space.

    It will also be wide open. The floor-to-ceiling glass storefronts in the center of the airport will be gone, pushed out to the walls alongside a new lineup of places to eat, drink and shop.

    That will make the center of the new terminal more airy. People will be able to walk through the middle of the airport to get to their flights.

    "You can see clear across the terminal when you walk in," said airport chief executive officer Joe Lopano.

    The entrances to the airside shuttles will be pushed outward to create more space inside the terminal. Glass walls will allow patrons to see their trams arriving.

    The new design will allow more sunlight into the terminal. New outside spaces will be created for eating, drinking and even relaxing in a new garden.

    These are the actual designs — not conceptual drawings — of the future third-floor terminal that were unveiled during Monday's meeting of the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, the board that oversees the airport.
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