Sweet Side of the Tenderloin

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  1. Over the weekend, I discovered a perfect little neighborhood spot for strong coffee and a nibble.
    It all started when I was wandering up Hyde St, looking down so as not to step in the fresh crap on the sidewalk. All of a sudden, I witnessed a debit card spill out of the back pocket of a strolling couple. A guy smoking a cigarette took notice, picked it up, and started yelling after the twosome, who proceeded to hurry their steps and ignore the commotion behind them, as most non-cracked out people in the Tenderloin tend to do. “Hey, hey!!” the honest soul screamed. The couple finally turned for the confrontation, and thank you’s gushed as soon as they realized what had happened.
    I watched in awe, could this really be happening in the Tenderloin? As I congratulated the neighbor for his good karma, I turned and peeked in the window of the tiny storefront behind me. Interest piqued, I stepped into the late 19th century via mellow blues music and faded, antique photos lining the shelves. A short menu listed espresso options and “Savory Sweet Cheddar Biscuits” was scrawled across the small blackboard. A cute, fresh-faced barista asked if he could help me. I stumbled over my words. Hold on, could this really be happening in the Tenderloin?
    Hooker’s Sweet Treats has been open for about eight months and what a fabulous addition to the neighborhood. The cheddar biscuit was delectable – savory and sweet thanks not to sugar, but to blackberry honey. Hooker is a nice, down-to-earth guy who also churns out sea-salted dark chocolate caramel (which should be on everybody’s last-meal-of-life wish list) and other goodies like warm New Orleans bread pudding. French press coffee is provided by Sightglass Coffee.
    Come for the sweets, the coffee, and the window-watching ambiance of the Tenderloin. There is never a dull moment here.
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