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Discussion in 'Southwest Airlines | Rapid Rewards' started by bernalscott, Dec 17, 2013.

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    I have 2 SW CC (one personal, one for my business) which I signed up for a year ago and earned companion pass status for 2013-2014. My question is about cancelling the cards now that the annual fees are up. If I were to cancel, what is the timeframe for signing back up for the cards and earning new bonuses on the cards (if they exist at that time)? I've heard 2 years...If so, is that from the initial sign-up date or when you cancel?

    Ideally, I'd like to sign up for both cards again in the future towards earning another 1-2yrs of companion pass privileges...

    Thanks in advance for any assistance...
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    Chase has your number and you can only do it once....Chase does not allow churns for the same card..

    Good new is there are 4 different SW cards at Chase, also if married have your wife apply, she might put your name on the CP.

    Worked for me, but after 8 years what are we going to do....

    You can also transfer some hotel points to help your cause..

    Good Luck.

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