Survival Guide For Business Travelers To Europe

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    Traveling to Europe can seem daunting for the first time. It takes around 7 hours to reach Europe, (from the east coast of the United States) or up to 11 hours (if traveling from the west coast). Here are a few tips on preparing for your trip overseas.

    1. International Bank Account
    If you are overseas for more than a month, it is maybe worth opening an account with a bank that has offices worldwide. HSBC has numerous branches overseas which means it is free to withdraw money at other HSBC accounts abroad. However, you will need to check with your bank if the currency rate charged is included in the transaction instead of a separate fee.

    2. Electrical Adapters
    In Europe there are three different plug types (UK, Italy and mainland Europe) which you should be aware of. It is not advisable to plug more than one adapter into one another so make sure you buy the relevant ones before you leave the United States. You will need an adaptor for Europe, where they use the “schuko plug” in most countries except the UK and Italy. UK and Malta use the type G plug which has 3 rectangular prongs to form a triangle with a 3 wire grounded and fused plug. Italy have two types of power sockets the European schuko for the larger appliances and the 3 prong Italian regular power socket. There are European to Italian converters that can be bought in Italy, so do not worry about geting one before you leave.

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    A warning about plugs: Make sure your device can be run at 220 volts or you will have an expensive surprise!

    Granted most devices made today can be used in the US and in other nations without issue, but it is worth taking a second to check before leaving home.
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