Survey says: Travelers annoyed by technology

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    This probably won't come as much of a surprise to many, but at least now a survey backs it up: Many people are ticked off by technology.

    Marriott and Renaissance Caribbean and Mexico Resorts recently surveyed travelers about the tech ties that bind us all on vacation, some 1,184 people in all (53 percent male, 47 percent female), and made some notable and completely understandable findings:

    --85 percent of respondents had experienced being annoyed by someone chatting loudly on their cell phone while traveling
    --50 percent reported checking their own emails and voicemails several times a day - while on vacation
    --36 percent said they did it on the beach
    --82 percent used their social-network channels to stay connected
    --More than 50 percent felt staying connected to work added to their stress while vacation
    --30 percent said they gave their cell numbers to clients while on vacation
    --31 percent reported being tempted to toss their cell phones into the ocean (frankly, we thought that would be higher)
    So who does that bother? Not the spouses or traveling companions of those taking the survey. A scant 15 percent of respondents felt that their connectivity bugged their spouses, partners or fellow travelers.

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    When does technology help, when does it hinder? These are the question of our times.....:oops:
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    This is one of those classic situations where like 90% of people complain about something that "everyone ELSE" does, but in reality, most of them are guilty of as well.
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    What I will never understand is why people will have a phone conversation while doing their business on the toilet or at a urinal.

    I make sure I flush twice for them.

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