Surprisingly good time at the New York Times Travel Show.

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by LarryInNYC, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Looking for something special to do with my 10 year old daughter this weekend while her older sister was at a party we hit upon the New York Times Travel Show at the Javitz Center. I thought she might enjoy collecting swag from the various booths for an hour or two; but in the end it turned out to be a fun afternoon for both of us.

    Kids (up to eighteen) get in free to the show, and adult tickets are discounted from $15 to $10 if you pay with Amex.

    The main exhibition floor features booths and kiosks of various size from national and regional tourist authorities and from tour operators. All the booths distribute some kind of swag along with their brochures and my kids can never get enough swag. Many booths had "level 2" swag under the table that they would distribute to "elite" browsers who actually expressed an interest in their country or product. At the Cambodian table, for instance, after I had asked a few questions about land access from Thailand (we're visiting this summer) the fellow gave my daughter a nice scarf from the box under the table.

    Interspersed among the displays are a number of stages which hosted a variety of activities. There were cultural presentations (music and dance) from various countries, cooking demonstrations, and talks (about, for instance, the current restaurant scene in England). The music and dance presentations were very good, and the groups would sometimes parade around the exhibit floor in costume, playing and singing.

    Probably the best part for my daughter was the 24 foot high (very easy) climbing wall and the dive tank. The dive tank was a four-foot-deep, 8 by 20 pool. Anyone ten or over was invited to put on a wet suit and scuba gear and swim around the tank. My daughter (an avid swimmer and snorkeler) spent on hour in there. Neither of the kid's activities had a line (in general, there were almost no children in attendance).

    We stuck our heads into one of the two seminar rooms but when I heard that the level of advice being given was "you can sometimes save money on plane tickets by considering a connecting flight" I figured there wasn't going to be much to learn that I (and, frankly, my daughter) didn't already know.

    All in all we had a really nice time. The cultural programs and family activities made it interesting enough that it was more than just a brochure collection expedition. My daughter's already planning to come back next year and to bring her sister.
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    Sounds neat - glad to hear you had a good time!!

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    Just wish that something like that would happen out here. The one in Phoenix is microscopic and features mostly the hotels in Arizona and Cruise lines. Would like to see more destinations than Sedona, Mexico, and San Diego.
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    It is just great to be a part of such travel event, i think you are lucky that kids were their with you, last time i went on for the travel show alone, and it was not a good thing to cherish things without anybody on your corner.

    maui snorkeling with kids

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