Surprisingly, 2013 Was the Safest Year for Air Travel

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    It’s official: 2013 was the safest year on record for commercial air travel. Although airline safety made news several times this year (and not in a good way, thanks to the Dreamliner grounding, the Asiana crash at San Francisco, and other events such as the Southwest Airlines mishap at LaGuardia), few of these incidents, apart from the Asiana crash, involved fatalities. Worldwide, both the number of airline crashes and fatalities were down; the total number of accidents depends on which source you use, but reports on five major crashes and two other events involving cargo jets—the lowest number, it says, since it started tracking activity in 1996. The Air Safety Network includes more flights on smaller airlines in its total, but still, its tally of 16 accidents and 265 killed is down dramatically from the ten-year average of 720.

    But aside from what the raw numbers tell us, the pattern has been the same for a while: Airline safety has never been better in most of the industrialized world. The U.S. and western Europe are setting the bar, while other regions, Africa in particular, are lagging behind. Last year, Africa’s accident rate was several times higher than the rest of the world, though there’s long been a gap in safety levels in different parts of the world due to the fact that improvements are linked to better technology, newer and more advanced planes, and better pilot training—all of which require substantial investment and government support.

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    Got to say I would not have guessed 2013 would have been the best on record.

    Also the top ranking safest carriers of 2013 has been released from with Qantas coming out on top.

    The rankings were as following:

    1) Qantas
    2) Air New Zealand
    3) Emirates
    4) Etihad
    5) Cathay Pacific
    6) Singapore Airlines
    7) Virgin Atlantic
    8) EVA Air
    9) All Nippon Airways
    10) Royal Jordanian

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