Supersonic tube travel challenges high-speed rail

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by sobore, Aug 13, 2013.

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    California’s plans to a build high-speed rail system are being challenged by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk who thinks that it’s a better idea to fire people through tubes. Traveling from Los Angles to San Francisco as a human projectile would take just 30 minutes.

    Musk, who co-founded PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla, is miffed at how much the proposed railway would cost per mile and how slowly its trains would travel in comparison to other mass transit systems worldwide. Silicon Valley, which he says is “doing incredible things like indexing all the world’s knowledge and putting rovers on Mars,” should be investing in a better alternative. He laid out his Hyperloop “tubes” proposal today to challenge the status quo, and it’s not out of the question if it could really be built within the cost Musk has projected.

    The Hyperloop system that Musk has suggested would cost between US$6 -$10 billion to build and provide passengers with a group-based supersonic form of travel at rates of about $20 per trip. It would work by launching people pods through a vacuum-like tunnel (just think of the old pneumatic tubes for mail).

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    I was reading about the Hyperloop this morning - I think if they can work out all the kinks it would really revolutionize the travel industry. The only 2 problems I have with this are:

    1) At that speed if something goes wrong then its basically game over
    2) What happens in the event of an earthquake? The example shown between LA and SF are in earthquake central...
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    The important question is, will there be Frequent Hyperloop Miles? HyperMiles? LooPoints?
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    Basically what colt245 said, there has to be reasonable built in safety mechanisms, that of course can still be undermined by human error, much like the recent train disaster in Spain. The idea in and of itself is cool though.
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    I'll have to visit this thread now and then to stay in the Loop :)
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