Super Typhoon Haiyan

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    Dear MilePoint community,

    All of us at Hyatt are deeply saddened by the tragic destruction left in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines on November 8. To support the immediate care and long-term recovery of the affected communities, Hyatt is donating $50,000 USD, and also pledges to match the total donations from Hyatt colleagues and guests around the world up to $25,000 USD. We also invite you to support our response efforts by donating your Hyatt Gold Passport® points. Each 5,000 point donation results in a $25 USD gift to Mercy Corps.

    To donate your points, please call Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service toll free at +1.800.228.3360 in the U.S. and Canada or +1.402.593.8615 when outside the U.S. and Canada. To make a cash donation, please visit please visit Hyatt’s Mercy Corps donation page (

    We thank you for generously partnering with Hyatt and Mercy Corps to rebuild communities where our associates, guests and neighbors have been affected by this disaster.

    For more information, please visit

    Warm regards,

    Jeff Zidell
    Vice President
    Hyatt Gold Passport
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  2. Mike Reed

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    Jeff -

    I don't have a full 5,000 points (4517 at this point) but I'd be happy to donate them if they'd help aggregate towards 5,000. Do donations have to be in 5,000 point increments or can I simply give what I have and it "helps the cause"?

    Thanks for doing this!

    -- Mike
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    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your interest. Points can only be donated in increments of 5,000, so it would not be possible to donate the 4,517 points which you currently have. You could certainly donate cash through Hyatt's Mercy Corp Donation Page, though, and your pledge would be matched.

    Safe travels,
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  4. mattsteg
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    Thank you for your and Hyatt's support of this worthy cause, and also thank you for doing so in such a transparent manner. I know that when given the opportunity to donate points in support of causes I basically never do so, because there is typically no indication of what that donation ultimately means to the charity in question. While I value my Hyatt points more highly than they would be valued here, the openness and transparency of Hyatt in this and other matters is greatly appreciated. I will be making a cash donation through your link both to support this worthy cause and also to thank you for declaring up-front the value that you would offer for a points donation.
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  5. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    Thanks, Hyatt, for donating $50k and matching contributions. I will be donating cash.

    It's interesting to see the valuation of the points donation: $25 for 5,000 points. A couple of years ago, in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake, those same 5,000 points resulted in a $40 donation.
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    +1 Mattsteg & HMWT! I thank Hyatt for the $50K, but everyone please donate cash, because 5K points are realistically worth $100 in free rooms (at 2013 point-prices.) Indeed Hyatt sells 'em for $120 IIRC during non-bonus periods. Also, donations of points are not tax-deductible by US/ IRS taxpayers, because they are not taxable income when earned.
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