Super-fast Wi-Fi connections for air travel potentially launching in 2014

Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by sobore, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Frequent fliers could see high speed Wi-Fi connections on aircrafts by 2014, if Ofcom can launch its new satellite system.
    If Ofcom’s plan comes off, travellers could be able to use Netflix, watch BBC iPlayer or download digital content using super-fast in-flight Wi-Fi connections within the next year.
    The UK communications regulator has outlined a plan for a new satellite system that would allow planes, ships and trains to have speedy Wi-Fi connections.
    Known as Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms (ESOMPs), the new system could be able to deliver Wi-Fi connections 10 times faster than any currently offered on transportation systems using high-frequency bands.
    Ofcom initiated the ESOMP consultation period last week, aiming to authorise the new system. Several satellite operators have already openly said they are planning to launch networks to support the ESOMPs within the next few months.
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    It is not entirely clear to me that this is actually new technology. They're talking about a kit which can switch from ATG to satellite systems on the fly, something that Gogo is working on as well. Plus they say the kit will support L, Ka and Ku satellite; only one of those is actually fast enough to support the high speeds being suggested.
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    I'm all for higher speeds on more planes. Now if only we can get gigabit speeds for wireless internet...

    Are you listening Google?

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