Sunday after Epiphany, Pope baptizes in Sistine

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  1. Every Sunday after the sixth of January (Epiphany), the pope baptizes babies in the Sistine Chapel. This year there were 21 newborns between the ages of four weeks and 4 months. They are all children of Vatican employees as well. There is no other way you can get your child baptized there unless you work there.
    Standing under the masterpiece done by Michelangelo, the pope poured water on the foreheads of 13 baby boys and 8 baby girls. Some screamed, others wiggled and some slept right through it.
    Pope Benedict XVI prayed for their “life and health so they can grow and mature in the faith.” In an ever-changing society lacking in strict cultural references, it has become more difficult to educate our children in the faith, he said. He urges parents and parishes to cooperate more.
    Pope baptizes in the Sistine Chapel Photo Credit MSNBC
    Information courtesy of MSNBC

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