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    I'm somewhat of a GP newbie, so apologies if I've missed a thread about this. Didn't find much while searching - are these treated like certificate upgrades?

    The 6000 point redemption option for up to a 4-night suite upgrade is attractive for an upcoming stay at Hua Hin, where the rack rate isn't too bad. Spoke to a CSR yesterday who indicated that there wasn't any availability for this upgrade (or for a club upgrade).

    I would imagine that availability will vary and might open up closer to our stay dates (mid-March) - is there any general rule about this? Do hotels tend to open up space as rooms go unsold?

    And is there any way to check availability online, or is calling the way to go?

    For now I think we'll book a refundable club room, and re-reserve should upgrade space become available.

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    You raise a good point about availability - I'm not sure about the answer but I would think that they would release more availability close to the stay date. Even if you can't confirm it in advance, you can always ask at check-in.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to check avaiability on these upgrades online, you can only call CS on it.

    The only difference between the points based upgrade that you are using and the Diamond Suite Upgrade "Cert" is that for the points based ones, you need to pay the Hyatt Daily rate for the underlying reservation and not a discounted rate (advance purchase, AAA, Senior, Corporate etc) which you can do with the Diamond ones.
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