Suggestions for day/overnight trips from LIM/EZE.

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by dhammer53, Apr 9, 2012.

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    I booked award tickets for my wife and I to go to LIM and EZE. Here's where I'm running into a problem.

    I expected to spend a day or 2 in LIM, then book award tickets to Cuzco. LAN doesn't have award tix available using my BA Avios points when I need to go.

    I expected to stay 3 days in EZE, then book award tix to the Falls using said points. LAN has no availability on the dates I want to go.

    I don't want to pay for airfare to those places, and don't want to pay a tour operator to get me there.

    I'm looking for suggestions on day trips out of LIM and EZE.
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    When you say day trips do you mean weekend? Because Iguazu is more of a weekend trip.

    Depending on what time of year you are going this list may change but Here are some of my suggestions:

    1. Cordoba. There is much to see here including the town that celebrates Oktoberfest.
    2. Salta for Torrontés Riojana a popular Argentine White. Have lovely National Park.
    3. Mendoza for Malbec the famous Argentine Red. Also the city is lovely.
    4. San Carlos Bariloche. Beautiful Lake and Mountain region of Patagonia.
    I wrote a post about this a few weeks ago because I would frequently get asked "What Should I Do in Argentina?" by readers and that has many more ideas that may be of your liking.

    Those are just some of the places to visit that are serviced by LAN. But without knowing more about your interests and dates of travel I can't give you any specific advice.

    As far as Peru is concerned did you want to change your trip from Cuzco to a different city? or are you still focused on that destination?
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    Flying within Peru and Argentina can be quite expensive if you are a non-resident (and unable to use points). With a special going, you can fly EZE/SCL for a fraction of a domestic Argentina flight.

    Colonia is a very lovely day trip. (1 hour ferry + 1 hour arrival at terminal prior to departure, in each direction). Montevideo is a lovely overnight trip. Both by ferry.

    Some people love going up to Tigre. Other people think it is a swampy pit. I've never been.

    Weather in Bariloche is going to start to get "iffy." Also, spendy airfare.

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