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    I noticed this recently when searching for information relevant to Madagascar and Kenya - the vast, vast majority of returns for either query linked to meaningless posts in lounge-type threads. This makes it very difficult to track down sparse bits of information relating to such topics. While much could be eliminated by restricting the search to e.g. destination travel, information about getting there, in addition to the destinations themselves, is of interest.

    There are a number of possible ways to deal with this. I few I can think of are a capability to filter out threads above a maximum number of replies in addition to the minimum requirement already available, the option to remove results from a specific thread from the results, or simply a collection of flagged lounge threads either omitted from search by default or optionally with a check-box click.

    The other option is of course to live with it, but for this case in particular the existing search did not work very well.

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