Suffering in silence: pax jammed into window/middle seats far less likely to take bathroom breaks

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    With cattle car air travel, and pax in Basic Economy being punished, this study gives some insight into who gets up out of his seat on a long flight:
    Aisle pax 80% chance of getting up
    Middle seat pax 60% of getting up
    Window seat pax 40% chance of getting up
    Time to create a misery index to truly rate the horror of modern day air transport.
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    Great article! But I do find it amazing that it takes the m1ll1ons of usd’s to provide hard evidence ( that will quickly be filed away along with the forty seven+ other studies of the same nature) of what an observant person can causally see.
    That said let them eat cake!
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    It doesn't look like they control for people who pick seats based on their need to get out of the seat. So far by booking ahead I'm almost always able to get a choice of seat with no status on domestic flights. There I always gauge my wife's desire to sleep against the window and my desire to go to the bathroom. Usually I end up in the middle seat and make the person on the isle get up.
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