Successful Trip Interruption Claim with Chase Sapphire Preferred

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    I was on a 21 day Caribbean cruise (11 and 10 day back-to-back) in Feb and a family member passed away. My spouse and I left the ship in Aruba to fly back for the funeral and then got back on the ship when it arrived in Fort Lauderdale 3 days later. I read the terms for Chase Sapphire Preferred trip interruption/cancellation insurance. The way I interpreted it applies if you trip is interrupted and the remainder is canceled. I thought I tried to make a claim anyway for the 3 days of cruise we missed. I called Chase and they gave me the number to Broadspire which processes the claims. I called Broadspire and provide them some info and them emailed me the claim forms. The claim forms needed the following info:

    1. Confirmation that the tickets were cancelled/trip interrupted with the Common Carrier
    This was the tough one. I provided copies of our boarding passes for our flight from Aruba and a letter (on Holland America letter head) from the cruise ship front desk with the flight details they booked for us. That was satisfactory for Broadspire. Probably the best thing would have been a letter from the front desk detailing that we were leaving the ship.

    2. Confirmation of the non-refundable amounts for the unused Common Carrier tickets, and/or travel vouchers
    The claim form asks for an itemized list of the amount you are claiming. Filled in each day missed as an item with amount claimed for each item being 1/21st of the total cruise cost.

    3. Copy of the travel itinerary showing the passenger names and ticket cost
    This was contained in the email from travel agent.

    4. Confirmation of the reason for the trip cancellation, interruption or delay; (Physician statement confirming medical reason, confirmation of death of immediate family member or statement from common carrier which lists the exact cause of cancellation)
    Provided a copy of the death certificate.

    4. A copy of the cancellation/interruption or refund policies of the Common Carrier, Tour Operator, or Travel Supplier.
    Downloaded from Holland America site.

    5. Please provide us with a copy of your credit card statement, which shows that the purchase of the Common Carrier ticket was charged to your credit card (To include the first six digits of your credit card number for verification of coverage and the card holder's pre-printed name and address. However, for security purposes we suggest that you block or remove the remaining digits.)
    I always download and keep copies of all my credit card statements.

    The nice thing is you can upload all the documentation for the claim. I did this on 3/14. I got an email on 3/23 that they needed more info for (1) above and (2) through (5) were approved. On 3/28, I got an email that the claim was sent for final approval. Got the check on 4/2.

    This is the second claim I've done for travel charged to Chase Sapphire Preferred. The first was a successful trip delay claim when my flight got canceled and could fly out until the next morning.
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    You are lucky, to be able to take 21 days off..

    Sorry about the family member...

    Aruba Port is a great place to feed the birds as the ship departs...

    Glad things worked out for you...
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