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    So I came to terms with the automatic 15% added to any bill for F&B at the Hilton MidTown Manhattan. I chuckled at the $3.50 per bag "storage fee" (translates to union Christmas party fund IMO) at the same property, but I just came across another that I think is even further out there.

    I was billed a $5.00 "Package Handling Fee" by the Hilton Miami Downtown. So on top of tipping the bellman $5.00 to deliver an envelope to my room, it cost me $10.00 to have something delivered from the front door of the hotel to my room.

    Where will it stop? What other absurd fees have you come across?
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    In Fort Worth, Texas, in a two or three star apparently independent property about ten years ago, $2 per room per day for the presence of an in room safe, regardless of whether it was used. Of course, this was not disclosed in the written confirmation--in fact, not until checkout.

    Mandatory energy surcharges.

    Italian hotels charging extra for AC during the summer, and then saying that it was too early in the summer to have the AC system cleaned for the season and actually turned on.
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    The package handling fee seems to be pretty standard at the "Business Hotels". This is because of legal liability of the delivery. If the hotel has to sign for a package, even a FEDEX letter, then they are taking legal responsibility for that package. Thus if something is presented to a front desk clerk and then gets lost the legal responsibility is with the hotel not the addressee.
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    They can spin it any way they'd like, but $5 for legal liability seems like a stretch to me. There's liability in everything a hotel is involved with from safeguarding your personal data, to hoping housekeeping doesn't steal your iPad, to hoping you don't trip on a crack while you enter a cab they called for you. Do they charge a $5 anti-sidewalk-crack fee too?
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