Stuck in Hong Kong airport during the holidays? Enjoy it!

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  1. Assuming that you have six plus hours to burn at the Hong Kong airport, one of the best airports in the world as voted by Passengers from all round the globe, there really isn’t much that you can bitch about here. The Hong Kong airport has so much to do that you might not even want to leave here so soon. The whole airport has wifi access and if you are flying Cathay Pacific or any other airline on One Alliance then the Wing Lounge is probably the best business class lounge you’ll find in Hong Kong.
    Near Gate 36, Departures Level, Terminal 1 (restricted area) Between Aisle F and G, Check-in Hall, Departures Level, Terminal 1 (non-restricted area)
    Terminal 1 is where all the shopping is, apart from a more than well stocked A-Z brand named luxury fashion designer handbags of Agnes B to Zara. Duty Free, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, jewellery and lingerie but lets not go into detail because what really makes Hong Kong airport worth the 6 hour layover is of course the food. If you want authentic Chinese food then there is Crystal Jade, Tsui Wah, Maxims, Taiwanese beef noodles and if you are wandering around the food court then Cafe de Coral is a must try because its considered very local Hong Kong food so you don’t want to say that you’ve been to Hong Kong until you’ve tried Cafe de Coral or Fairwood or had some wonton noodle soup, if you count that as your last chance for tasting local Hong Kong cuisine.
    If you are looking for a British pub to pass an hour then head to Katie O’Connors to grab a beer. Otherwise the Oyster Bar has got some really basic refreshments prior departure.
    What about kid-friendly things to do or children play areas when stuck in the Hong Kong airport for the holidays? Talk about just a laid back family outing at the cinema, when you take the connecting train from terminal 1 to terminal 2 of the Hong Kong airport, on level 6 of the unrestricted area there is a 4D cinema which is one of the largest in Asia. Not far from the cinema, kids can ride the cockpit simulator at the Aviation Discovery Centre. The PlayStation® Gateway, the only dedicated special gaming area to be found within an airport in Asia, lets you play free of charge to your heart’s content with the next generation PS3™, PSP® games and games with the themes of aviation, transportation and movies. You can even enjoy the free latest PSP® trail games download service.
    Near the Hong Kong airport:
    If you are allowed out of the transfer lounge and your bags have been checked in but you still want to venture out then there are two points of interests that are easily accessible from the airport. The Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastary and Lantau Link Visitors Centre & Viewing Platform are just a few miles away and you can easily get to and back to the airport under 2 hours. One other hidden gem near the Hong Kong airport is the SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course, you can even play golf when you get stuck in the Hong Kong airport and its not just any odd gold course – it is the Hong Kong’s first nine-hole golf created to United States Golf Association standards and inspired by the world’s famous 17th hole at the Tournament Payers Club in Sawgrass, Florida, the Nine Eagles adds a new dimension to the Hong Kong golf scene with a signature hole, Island Green. Situated on an island in the middle of an artificial lake, this signature hole is unique in Hong Kong.
    For the love of Rudolph, will you make it back to the airport in time? This is for the ballsy traveler… the one who is going to have an adventure during their layover, departure times be damned. Only if you consider making the most out of being stuck in Hong Kong airport during the holiday and want to see that one iconic thing in Hong Kong before you fly away, then you better take the airport express train to the city and go up the Peak. Most locals would recommend that if there is just that one thing that you have to see before flying off, it would be the Peak. Good luck.

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  2. For newcomers to Hong Kong , here's a breakdown of the transit available.

    There are 3 colours of taxis. RED, BLUE, GREEN.
    Depending on what you need to do will determine which one you need.

    Red Taxis will take you to Hong Kong Island, and the greater Kowloon area.
    Fares will run you $3-400 HKD depending on where you want to go.
    They will always be available at the airport rank.. millions of them.

    DISCOUNT RED TAXIS you pre-reserve by ringing 8211 3262. You will tell the man where you are and want to go, he will call you back in 5-10 mins with a taxi number and where to meet. Fares are much cheaper with 150HKD to TST and 170HKD to Megabox, 220 HKD to HK Island.

    BLUE TAXIS are for the area surrounding the airport called Lantau Island. Should you wish to go to the 'Big Buddha', Po Lin Monastery, Mui Wo or Tung Chung, these are your taxis. Fares to Tung Chung will be about 30 HKD and fares to the Buddha closer to 150HKD or so.

    If there are no taxi's at the stand you can ring one @ 2984 1328. A woman will say 'Taxytoy' or something that sounds like that. Ask you where you are and where you want to go, your name, and sort a taxi while you are online.
    This service costs $5.00HKD.

    There are only 50 Blue Taxis for all of Lantau, so they can be difficult to get.

    GREEN TAXIS are for the new territories. Areas like Shatin and such. They are plentiful and always available at the rank.

    ALL TAXIS charge $5HKD per piece of luggage in the trunk and are restricted to their areas. A Green Taxi cannot take you to the Buddha no matter how much you try and bribe them.

    BUSSES are plentiful and the ones for the casual user visiting Lantau between flights are the S1 and the S56. They will both stop @ the city gate mall in Tung Chung where you can connect to other busses to Lantau or grab the Ngog Ping 360 cable car to the Big Buddha. They cost $3.5 and exact change or octopus card are needed. If you have to overpay, the driver will not give you change. Make a 7/11 stop at the airport first for enough coins.

    Airport Express is a high speed train that runs every 12 minutes from the airport to Kowloon and Central Hong Kong. The journey takes roughly 25 minutes and costs 100HKD each way to the city and 90HKD to Kowloon.
    A same day return is available for 100 HKD. Meaning you can pop into town for a few hrs and back out for 1/2 price. Note this is not 24 hr time.. its 0550am till midnight on the day of original travel.

    More info here

    MTR (SUBWAY) Leaves from TUNG CHUNG, so you need to take the bus/taxi over to the MTR Station located at Citygate in Tung Chung. Its the end of the Orange Line on the map below. Fares vary by distance.

    If I've missed something or can be of further assistance PM me.
  3. BTW.. the first advice above mine is rather out of date

    "If you are looking for a British pub to pass an hour then head to Katie O’Connors to grab a beer. Otherwise the Oyster Bar has got some really basic refreshments prior depart"

    Have been closed for a couple of years.. That said there is the Heineken Bar now in T2.

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