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  1. You won’t find comparable sushi in NYC or San Francisco, because LA chefs get the second pick, after Tokyo, of the freshest seafood from Japan. Saunter down Ventura Boulevard’s famed “Sushi Row” in the San Fernando Valley to savor the best sushi in America.
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    1. Katsu-Ya (11680 Ventura Blvd.)
    The original Katsu-Ya consistently ranks at the top of every major “Best Sushi” list since opening its doors in 1997. Enjoy the daily specials as ordained by Chef Katsuya while keeping your eyes peeled for B-list celebrities.
    2. Sushi Nozawa (11288 Ventura Blvd. #C)
    Legendary Chef Nozawa prides himself on traditional sushi and classic preparation. Tantalizing homemade soy and ponzu sauces top off each meticulously orchestrated dish with an extra touch of creative gusto.
    3. Asanebo (11941 Ventura Blvd.)
    A “diamond in the rough,” Asanebo is tucked in a dingy strip mall churning out some of the most electrifyingly sushi ever to grace your palate. Don’t leave without sampling the seared toro, an award-winning dish for this Michelin-ranked establishment.
    4. Iroha Sushi of Tokyo (12953 Ventura Blvd.)
    Another hidden gem, behind a parking lot next to a Day’s Inn, you’re instantly transported to a peaceful Japanese garden while relishing mouthwatering traditional and fusion rolls or sashimi. My personal fave for stellar sushi.
    5. Izakaya M (13573 Ventura Blvd.)
    Beer connoisseurs will appreciate Izakaya’s fine sushi along with its great selection of Japanese lagers. Check out the restaurant’s popular Happy Hour small bites and discount bevvies Mondays through Saturdays from 3-6pm and 10pm-12am.
    Venture out of your California Roll safety net and try the Omakase Chef’s Choice at many of these superb seafood sanctuaries to awaken your sixth sushi sense!

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    UERU KA MU on the north side of Ventura Blvd. Oh my. Outstanding sushi run by an oldtimer.

    19596 Ventura Blvd, near the Tampa exit of the 101. Tarzana CA.
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    Having migrated to the Bay Area, I miss LA sushi, especially on the Boulevard. Lots of great memories, especially of Katsu-ya and Nozawa. Some years ago, one of my friends was actually banned from Nozawa for awhile for arguing with Nozawa-san about something. He apparently tried to return a few months later, and Nozawa started yelling at him to get out. It took a couple of years and a contrite phone call before he was allowed back in.

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