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    As I've referenced a couple times in other posts, Fiance and I are heading over to Europe for a week or so later summer. A 1K friend has graciously offered his SWUs for us to use. Here's the deal though...I'm a 1P, she's nothing. Is there a strategy that offers us the best chance at getting upgraded? For example, should we book on the same confirmation number? Any other tips that I'm not thinking of will be appreciated!
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    Some questions to ask yourself:

    1. Are you willing to have only one of you upgraded?
    2. Have you already booked and checked the NC availability? If you are booked, are you in the correct fare class (minimum W).

    If you only want to be upgraded together, best to keep the booking under one PNR. However, your best chance of at least one of you being upgraded is to separate the records. With you together, they will only upgrade if there are two spots open, and often revenue will open just one NC space at a time, meaning someone technically lower on the list could be upgraded before you.
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