Stop Lying United: Americans want low fares but they will not pay to be humiliated

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    United in a bit of a pickle because no doubt the evidence is clear for a reasonable, competitive price their planes will be full to the brim. So they are shopping around a false story that low fares are "faltering," and thus they are cutting back on them. No doubt this is being done at the behest of the hedgefundgangsteros. Creating and trying to perfect a class of service that punishes even long time elites shames and tarnishes United allowing them to jockey for the tight space designated, America's worst airline with gems like Spirit and Frontier and sorry Southwest if you ask me. Far from America being hostile to low fares, one analyst pointed out that the outbreak of any lowering of fares immediately disadvantages the gouging and scamming carteliers. Everyone knows US air travel sucks, might as well be cheap and cheerful. Of course, the airlines could agree to make passenger profits in $10s and 20s instead of $100s and $1000s per ticket. Like it pretty much was before the massive, corrupt permission given to merge.
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