Still awaiting reimbursement from December 2010 LHR "blizzard"

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    I was stuck in London during the December 2010 "bilzzard." Interestingly, BA charged me for THREE flights that were cancelled day after day by LHR closure's. I did finally get reimbursed for that but I am still waiting for my hotel, food and travel expenses to be reimbursed. (I had to fly to JFK and take Amtrak back to my actual east coast gateway.)
    I have e-mailed a contact at BA US office. Twice. And, she stopped responding. And - yes - a letter handed out at LHR did state "we will consider reimbursement...."
    Anyone else stil lwaiting?
    I hope this livens up the BA thread which HAS gotten very quiet.
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    If it makes you feel any better I am still waiting for reimbursement from the strike in July 2003. Never got reimbursed for food, hotel or alternative arrangements. Never got reimbursed for the baggage that they managed to misplace for a week. I got so tired of fighting for it that I gave up. Submitted the claim a couple of times yet they always claimed to have no record of it.
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    My claim got rejected.
    I routed myself on another carrier using my miles (as that is what the BA agent told me) and
    no miles
    no tier points for the flights I would of token with BA
    not even the $40 taxes I paid
    nor the hotel reimbursement.

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