SteadyFare sells airline ticket price guarantees, like a next generation Farecast

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    US startup SteadyFare is a service that aims to help travelers decide when to buy a nonrefundable, international airplane ticket, given how airfares go up and down all the time.
    The company allows customers pay a fee to lock in a price found on its site for up to a month. Its price guarantee is the most flexible one any company has yet offered.
    Next-generation Farecast
    In a search tool that echoes Bing Travel’s Price Predictor, SteadyFare mines historical trends to create a chart of how fares have risen and fallen and what a reasonable fare might be. The chart could help a US leisure traveler decide whether he or she ought to book an international flight now, or wait.
    Yet unlike Bing’s price-charting tool (pioneered by Farecast), SteadyFare’s charting tool is astonishingly flexible on how you can estimate the price range for a vacation. It allows a user to choose a range of dates for departure or return.
    For instance, on a Denver to London ticket, you could search for a departure window of the first week of October and a return window of the last week of the month, and see price trends for tickets over that period on average.


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