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Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by kwai, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Yesterday I turned 40. On paper. And in the US. But I wasn't in the US, I was in Asia. And Feb 27 was 2 days ago there. But after 40 years what's a day or two. Besides, it gave me an extra 12 hours to celebrate.

    The desire to escape PNH and have a semblance of fun, friends and edible food created a need to get to BKK. As plans were taking shape for a hop to NYC, it made sense to combine it all into a big fly-fest. And that's where I currently stand, at the destination city of 1 itinerary and the beginning of an epic second itin.

    Midweek, the last Wednesday of Feb, I flew to BKK. I like the morning flight on TG, it's not as crowded as their evening flight code-shared with LH. Check-in is more civil, the flight is typically emptier and it's more of local crowd. Although on this day there were several ASEAN members, a few Cambodian delegates heading to Krabi, I'm sure for deep and meaningful environmental talks, and me.

    Upon landing in BKK we were sent off to the far northern reaches of the tarmac, not too distant from Minburi. But TG did something very smart: the had a bus only for the C pax. Idealy this would have gotten me to the bar/lounge quickly, but I was heading into town.

    So, after several beers in the lounge, and a bottle of champagne on a 50 minute flight, I was quickly fighting my way past the exceedingly long lines to fastrack with nothing more than a TG C BP. It worked as advertised. And ten minutes later, when bags first started to come out onto the carousel, I was still one of the few people standing around. My bags (yes, 2) came quickly and off I went to the taxi stand.

    Many of you will wonder why I checked two bags, but it's an easy answer. Packing two bottles of booze in one bag is risky.

    And that begs another question. Why did I need two liters of alcohol for 5 days? The obvious answer is why not. But the reality is that a good friend, one of the best quitarists in Thailand, and definitely the best blues guitarist, has a birthday in close proximity to mine. So it was a bottle for him and one for me. Not that it's sufficient, but it's a start. And I still had almost half a bottle left in the bar from my last trip. (And he gave me a bottle for my birthday....)

    Getting back tot he flight. TG operated the segment with a 737 on this day. Some days, weekends and evenings, they use an AB6, but each is equally poor. Rather than their typical mystery meat, they served som tam and gai yang. Not street food quality in Bangkok, and definitely not coming close to the quality of Isaan food, but a much better attempt than some of the business food I've had in recent years.

    I inquired about a glass of champagne upon boarding and was quickly given one. As i was the only pax drinking of this 10AM flight the crew made sure I was able to finish the bottle. A task I partook with relish and necessity.

    After 2 nights drinking and music my fiancee was finished with the week's work and joined me in BKK. 3 very fun nights later and she went back to PNH and I made my way to HKG and then ICN, where i currently sit.

    I'm in need of a shower and a phone call to the US. I'll continue this shortly. And will add pics at some point also.
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    Nice report so far.

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