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    Hi All
    i have a silver status in delta skymiles that is valid through February 2015.
    i had a reservation made in january 2015 (international flight from Paris to atlanta) . i took the first flight in February so i was allowed to take 2 free baggages instead of 1 but my return flight is in march.the air france website states that i can take two bags in my return flight. i called customer support to ask more about it they said i am only allowed 1 bag and that the website will show the right info in march but i opened the website and it still shows 2 bags. is there a chance i could take 2 bags because my reservation was done before February 2015?
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    My experience is that your status on the day of travel is what that matters. Status at the time of booking is not relevant. Seats already chosen might be an exception but I have no personal experience on that. Point is, when my status was upgraded, the perks with the new status were applied when I fly (lower status during booking) so I would imagine the same applies the other way round.
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