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    So im quite close to gaining status with BMI and have a big trip next week which will put me over the line. Question is it worth it to continue or try put the points in a different *A partner. Are they likely to give BA status to those on BMI? Or of BMI leave *A will they let you transfer to another partner?
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    Nothing has been said about whether BMI DC will be integrated into BA EC, or whether it will just be left to expire as a stand alone scheme (with BA redemptions as well as BMI redemptions possible).

    Keep in mind:
    With DC status nothing would be guaranteed.
    There MIGHT be offers from other *A airlines for a status match, if you have already invested in DC to get this far, it could make sense to invest the final bit (how big is your big trip?) and hope for a status match if you want *A status.
    There MIGHT be offers from SkyTeam airlines as well.
    There MIGHT be the chance of BA status. Will it be DC *G for BA Gold (OW Emerald) or will it be DC *G for BA Silver (OW Sapphire) and DC *S for BA Bronze (OW Ruby). That could also be possible, so if it is *S you are chasing, keep in mind.

    Or it might be nothing.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the miles you will earn from your big credit.

    They will be DC destination miles for now, but if you can't spend them they might be BA Avios (at 1:1, or at 2:1, or...).
    Or they could be stuck as DC miles, with only BMI and BA to spend them on as part of a work out scheme.

    Think it comes down to how close you are to status, and what you want.
    Nothing is certain.

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