Starwood Rules Require Hotels to Offer Redemption for 2 People in a Room, After All

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    Lots of discussion over on Flyertalk about a few hotels in Europe that started to allow room redemptions only in single rooms (eg Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam and Hotel des Indes, the Hague).

    Starwood compounded the problem because while terms and conditions are clear that members may redeem an award night for a room that suits one or two people, the messaging coming out of the program was that these hotels were special and actually compliant because the rules required them to offer redemptions for one or two people and they offered them for one (!).

    Turns out that the hotels indeed were not complying, that there's been some training, and this is all being fixed.

    So indeed problem solved, members do get to redeem for double occupancy rooms even at places like the Pulitzer.

    Good to see this resolved!
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    I give SPG credit for publicly clarifying this. They could have quietly fixed it and moved on. This certainly earns them some respect in my book.
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