Starwood Preferred Guest® and Uber partner allowing members to turbo charge earning Starpoints

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    We are excited to announce a one of a kind partnership with Uber. Both Starwood and Uber are global companies that make travel easier for customers worldwide. This partnership will allow SPG to provide a seamless travel experience for our members. We are excited to provide SPG members with an opportunity to earn Starpoints each time they take an Uber ride as well as bonus Starpoints when they stay with Starwood. Now, earning Starpoints is as easy as requesting an Uber.

    Here’s how it works:
    Link your SPG and Uber accounts at Your last name and email address must match on both accounts.
    Complete one qualifying stay in the calendar year at any Starwood Hotel or Resort worldwide.
    Within 24 hours of linking accounts SPG members will start earning Starpoints.

    Here’s an overview of the earning potential by tier:

    Preferred Members

    Points Earned Every Day
    1 per $ spent with Uber
    Points Earned In-Stay
    2 per $ spent with Uber

    Gold and Platinum Members

    Points Earned Every Day
    1 per $ spent with Uber
    Points Earned In-Stay
    3 per $ spent with Uber

    Platinum 75+ Members

    Points Earned Every Day
    1 per $ spent with Uber
    Points Earned In-Stay
    4 per $ spent with Uber

    This global partnership is available in every market where Uber operates. For more information and full details on the partnership, please see or FAQs.

    Any traveler who is not currently a registered SPG member can sign up at To sign up for Uber, visit Accounts can be linked at; last name and email addresses on both accounts must match.

    As always, the Starwood Social Media Team is here to answer any questions you may have.

    Thyetus Lee | Social Media Specialist
    Starwood Customer Contact Centre (AP) Pte Ltd
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    If I'm reading hte FAQ correctly there's no necessity for the Uber ride being in the same city/region as the stay.
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    Thanks for the info, Thyetus! Great partnership!
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    Any word on if the SPG Amex stays would count for the calendar year stay requirement? Thanks!
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    According to the SPG Twitter team, and separately corroborated by Gary, NO, SPG Amex stays do NOT count toward the requirement.

    "@spgassist: Hi, in order to receive points for Uber rides you will need to have 1 eligible stay in one of our hotels".
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    Do you live in New York, San Francisco, London, Dubai or Mexico City?
    Then Participate in this SPG-Uber promo [see bottom of page] for a chance
    to earn 15K Starpoints between 2pm - 7pm on Saturday 02/28/2015!

    ...that is tomorrow and below are the T&C:

    SPG-Uber #Suite Ride Promotion Terms and Conditions
    By using the SPG-Uber #SuiteRide Limited Offer (the “Promotion”), you agree to the following:

    • The Promotion is a limited offer for SPG Members who have linked their SPG account to Uber and utilize the SPG branded vehicle on the Uber platform on February 28, 2015 between the hours of 2pm and 7pm local time in the following cities: New York, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Mexico City.
    • SPG Members who meet the terms set forth in these Promotion terms and conditions will receive a local, one-way complimentary ride in the SPG branded vehicle through the Uber platform along with special hotel amenities during the ride. In addition, SPG Members will be eligible to receive 15,000 Starpoints.
    • The availability of SPG branded vehicles on the Uber platform will be limited during the Promotion hours. Neither SPG nor Uber can guarantee that there will be enough SPG branded vehicles on the Uber platform to meet demand during the Promotion. Approximately 460 SPG Members will be eligible to receive the benefits of the Promotion across the five cities.
    • SPG Members who have met the qualifications for this Promotion will receive 15,000 Starpoints. The Starpoints will be deposited into their SPG account within 3-4 weeks from February 28, 2015 and upon all verifications and validations by SPG and Uber. In order to receive the Starpoints, SPG Members must link their SPG account to their Uber account within 30 days of using the SPG branded vehicle through the Uber platform.
    • The complimentary ride offer is valid only for a local, one way ride in the SPG branded vehicle on the Uber platform during the Promotion.
    • SPG Members may only take advantage of this Promotion once during the Promotion hours.
    • Only an SPG Member who has used their Uber account to utilize the SPG branded vehicle on the Uber platform is eligible to receive the benefits of the Promotion. All other occupants or passengers in the SPG branded vehicle on the Uber platform will not receive the benefits of the Promotion or any of the awards.
    • The 15,000 Starpoints cannot be transferred, duplicated or sold and there is no cash value.
    • In the event either SPG or Uber suspect that the use or redemption of the Promotion was in error, fraudulent, illegal or in violation of these SPG-Uber Promotion Terms and Conditions or in violation of the SPG-Uber Benefits Program Terms, SPG and Uber reserve the right to withhold or deduct Starpoints or Uber credits, as applicable, from your SPG and/or Uber accounts, respectively.
    • The Promotion may be terminated or modified at any time and without any liability on the part of SPG or Uber.
    • The Promotion will be used for its intended and lawful purpose and pursuant to the SPG-Uber Benefits Program Terms and the SPG Terms and Conditions and Uber Terms of Use.
    • Only one Promotion per SPG Member is allowed.
    • The Promotion is void where prohibited by law.
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