Start-Up Jumpjet Goes After First-Class Fliers

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    Full article link below. Here are some of the highlights:
    Link to article:

    "Start-up Jumpjet officially debuts its new private jet service October 1st. The company is launching a drive for new members as the company aims to fill a niche that its founder says falls somewhere between fractional jet ownership and the market for first-class fliers on traditional airlines."

    How it works
    Jumpjet members pay a $550 initiation fee that covers administrative costs and the price of vetting potential members against the government's "no-fly list." If approved, members choose from one of three packages, the cheapest of which starts at $2,350 flights per month.
    The packages are:
    • Upper Club: At $2,350 per month, the cheapest of Jumpjet's packages comes with 10 round trips per year on flights of 1,750 miles or less. At an annualized total cost of $28,200, that essentially makes the per-round-trip price of each flight drop to $2,820 for each round-trip itinerary.
    • Upper Club Plus: For $3,995 per month, "Plus" customers get the same 10 round-trip package but it comes with an extended flight range of 2,250 miles.
    • Coast to Coast Elite: This package offers the most flexibility on flight range, coming with 10 round-trip flights that can be booked to any destination in the USA's 48 mainland states. It costs $5,550 a month.
    • Jump Share: This option allows a group of up to 10 friends or family members to pool their resources to purchase either an Upper Club or Upper Club Plus membership. The group can then divvy up their 10 annual round-trips among among the group's paying members any way they'd like.

    All of the memberships require a year-long commitment to pay the monthly fee.

    Jumpjet customers' flights will be booked across a range of private jets that include aircraft from corporate jetmakers Citation, Gulfstream, Falcon and Bombardier.

    There's also an option for members to bring guests along on their scheduled flights, part of what Jumpjet labels as it's "Jumpjet Guest Club."

    Members can add up to seven guests to passenger list of their scheduled flights.
    The cost for adding guests is $1,250 per round-trip for Upper Club and Upper Club Plus members and $2,000 per round-trip for Coast to Coast Elite members. The fee allows the member to add anywhere from one to seven guests to their round-trip itinerary. The guests must be added and paid for at the time an itinerary is booked.
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    That's too bad, I thought you might get to fly real jump jets.

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